How To Change Your Life: 7 Steps To Immediate Change

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Making changes in your life can feel like a huge, dramatic undertaking.

In reality, though, you are doing this every single day, even if you don’t think you know how to change your life.

Still, by taking a more active role in deciding how your life will change, you can begin to shape the life you have always dreamed of living.

Today, learn the seven steps to help you achieve your life goals.

Along the way, you’ll learn more about Blinkist, too, a great tool that can help you enact change in any part of your life.

How To Change Your Life Effectively

Many believe that changing your life means you need to uproot everything you know and love and then change it out for something else.

In fact, many do this.

Handling change in this way, however, is unlikely to create a long-lasting change for many people.

Effective changes should be done methodically and with intention.

If you do not make changes to your life intentionally, you’ll never be certain if you’ve made the right decisions or not.

In fact, you might even get distracted and lost along the way.

To change your life effectively, there are seven steps you can follow.

What Are the 7 Steps in Changing Your Life?

This list pulls together seven steps that can help you change your life for the better.

There is no timeline on these steps, and they don’t always have to be done in order.

Instead, you can apply these seven steps in different intervals to different parts of your life.

The key is to make sure you apply them with intention and make every life choice in line with these steps.

Step 1: Focus on What You Want

When people first approach making changes, they often think about what they don’t want:

  • I don’t want to be sad.
  • I don’t want to be poor.
  • I don’t want to be single.

While it’s good to know these things, it is even better to know what you do want.

Changing your life should be focused on positive momentum, so rephrase these thoughts into what you want:

  • I want to be happier.
  • I want to have more money.
  • I want to find someone to date.

From there, you should further explore what you want to make sure you are laser-focused on what your goals are:

  • I want to enjoy doing _____ again.
  • I want to make at least $10,000 more a year.
  • I want to go on at least five dates this year.

More specific long-term goals are great for setting your sights on a better life.

Step 2: Chart Your Progress

Ask yourself how you are doing on your goals every now and then.

Create a scale you can use to measure your progress or make a simple checklist you can check off as you get closer and closer to your goal.

Having a way to measure your success is important for reinforcing your new lifestyle.

Step 3: Break Current Patterns

Take time to recognize what kind of patterns in your life have led things to be how they are today.

Do you make less money than you think you should because you never ask for a raise or increase your rates? If so, it’s time to break that pattern.

Breaking patterns is key to changing your life.

If patterns remain the same, you will never be able to change things. Patterns that keep you in the same cycle should be broken.

Step 4: Create New Patterns

Cultivate a new lifestyle by creating new patterns. You do not have to completely overhaul everything you do in your life at once.

Instead, pick out one thing that will help change your life, such as waking up one hour earlier every day to shower and eat breakfast.

Start doing this, and keep trying to do it regularly until it becomes a natural pattern. Then, repeat the process with other patterns.

Gradually adding new patterns to your life will completely change it.

Step 5: Reinforce Your New Behaviors

Take time to reinforce the things you are doing.

Sit down and make a list of why the new patterns you are following are making you feel more satisfied with your life.

Let’s say you started exercising at least five days a week.

You might write down the following:

  • More restful sleep
  • Feel healthier
  • Lost weight
  • More focused at work
  • Less lethargic after work
  • More time to do things

By recognizing the benefits that the changes have had, you will be able to reinforce those behaviors until they stick permanently.

Step 6: Choose the Right Support System

While changing your life, it is key to make sure you surround yourself with the right people.

Do your friends and family support you? Are they happy you are trying to find a better way to live your life?

Make sure you meet people who are going to be proud of you and supportive of your lifestyle.

Step 7: Acknowledge Mistakes and Move On

You will make mistakes as you try to change your life, and that’s OK.

Many people fail to continue changing their life because a mistake sets them completely off course.

It’s fine to be upset about mistakes; it’s OK to spend a few days or even weeks working through the aftermath.

However, eventually, you will need to pick yourself up and try again. Moving on is key to changing your life. Don’t let a mistake keep you stagnant forever.

How Can I Change My Life Immediately?

Is it even possible?

People who try to change their lives in a flash often try to change every single thing and adapt to this huge turnover.

Spoiler alert: it doesn’t work out.

Instead of doing that, change your life immediately by making one singular change that can have big ripple effects.

For example, get up one hour earlier, and dedicate that extra time to doing something you want to do more of in your life.

By committing to this one change, you can begin to change your life immediately.

How Much Money Do You Need To Change Your Life?

You do not need any money to change your life.

Changing your life is about changing your beliefs, the patterns you have created, and your overall outlook.

Focus on what you want, what you can do to achieve it, and how you are going to create better patterns.

By doing this, you can change your life without even spending a dime.

Make Your Bed Review: A Book That Will Change Your Life

When it comes to changing your life, it can be easier to implement changes after seeing them in action by someone else.

The book Make Your Bed, written by William H. McRaven, talks about 10 experiences he had throughout his Navy career and how they changed his life.

What is it about one incident that can change your life forever? And how can you make sure that that change is positive?

The detailed descriptions provided in this book help pull you in so that you can fully understand the depth of each experience.

Learning from experience, after all, is a very valuable tool for many people.

You don’t need to make every mistake personally. Instead, you can learn from the mistakes of others, as highlighted in this book.

From understanding the value of teammates to finding value in taking risks, there is a lot to be learned from McRaven in this book.

How To Change My Life With Blinkist

While these seven steps and everything that McRaven talks about in Make Your Bed are great steps to changing things, they are only the beginning.

There are hundreds and thousands of books that can provide useful information about improving different aspects of your life.

When you’re wondering how to change my life, Blinkist can help.

Blinkist is a reading platform that provides short, easy-to-read summaries of the most popular books from more than 20 different categories.

From humanities to self-help, each Blink teaches you the most essential tips and lessons from the full book.

Blinkist is the perfect way to kickstart any change in your life.

No matter how much time you have to devote to reading, Blinkist can work for you.

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Change: It Starts Now

Are you done asking how to change your life and ready to state how you are going to do it?

Those who can sit down and say, “I know how to change my life” are going to be the first ones to see that change in action.

All it takes is the first step; working through the steps one at a time will bring you to change in time.

When you don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to learning what you want to know about the world and your place in it, remember that Blinkist can help.

Blinks provide short summaries of the best tips from exceptional books; these excerpts can help you learn how to improve your life.

Are you ready to start the change? It starts right now. What are you waiting for?


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