How To Improve Quality of Life in Easy, Doable Steps

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Do you ever feel like you are stuck in a rut that you just can’t get out of?

In this position, many people realize they need to learn how to improve quality of life situations they deal with every day.

However, knowing that you want to change your life and how to improve your quality of life are two very different things.

There are a variety of techniques you can apply to your life, and the best way to learn about many of these techniques is through books.

Today, get some ideas on how to improve your life, as well as an introduction to Blinkist, a great tool you can use to start doing just that.

How To Improve Quality of Life

Figuring out how to improve quality of life easily can be challenging.

What exactly qualifies as quality of life improvements, and what can you do to create these things at home?

Everyone is going to have slightly different needs and desires. Ultimately, however, the following changes should help improve your quality of life.

1. Focus on Your Health

No matter what age you are, your health is important.

Health is the basis of your body and your mind, which is why it is important to monitor your health.

That is not to say that everyone needs to be a marathon runner who only eats a healthy diet every single day.

You should, however, be doing the following things regularly:

  • Drinking at least eight glasses of water daily
  • Exercising three times a week
  • Seeing a doctor regularly
  • Sleeping enough every night
  • Visiting the eye doctor
  • Making sure your bed, pillows, and office chairs are supportive

By doing these things, you can ensure your body is being properly supported and cared for at the base level.

Again, there is a lot more you can do to make your health even better, but these things cover the bare minimum you should be doing.

2. Find Joy in Your Hobbies

Do you have a hobby you like doing, such as reading books?

More importantly, do you give yourself time to enjoy those hobbies? Or do you only do them when you have a few minutes here or there?

Finding time to enjoy your hobbies is essential to living a happier lifestyle.

You want to be able to find true joy every day.

Even if you like your job, it’s important to have some separation to enjoy other parts of your life, as well.

3. Record and Revise Your Habits

Consider what types of habits you keep.

Do you go outside every week? Do you make sure to shower frequently?

Do you call your parents every week or even more often? Or do you instead spend many hours a day staring at your phone or computer after work?

Recognize what kinds of habits you are keeping by writing down everything you do in a day and then comparing the week.

Are the habits you keep contributing to a happy lifestyle? If so, carry on!

Otherwise, take some time to break bad habits and form new ones. You’ll be happier in the long run.

4. Set Goals

What is it that you want to achieve this week? How about in your life?

Think about goals frequently, and don’t be afraid to set a lot of little goals.

Small goals, such as taking the dog for a walk today, are great ways to reward yourself for little accomplishments.

Eventually, all of these small goals add up.

tips on how to improve quality of life

Quality of Life Improvement: 5 Affirmations To Follow

When it comes to quality of life improvement, it can be hard to make sure you truly believe the changes you are trying to make.

Affirmations can be very helpful for achieving that.

Write down these sentences in a notebook where you can easily access them so that you can reread them when you begin to doubt yourself.

Having these things on hand will help you feel more comfortable as you push through difficult but necessary changes to improve your life.

  1. I am in control of my life.
  2. I have many talents, and I can use them wisely.
  3. I am worthy of admiration and attention.
  4. Even though things are difficult, I will keep moving forward.
  5. I am strong.

Do these affirmations inspire any type of positive strength in you?

If they don’t align with what you are seeking from life, feel free to research or write your own affirmations.

The key is that the sentence should be short, easy to remember, and something that makes you feel encouraged.

How To Improve Your Quality of Life at Work

Another thing you might need to do to improve your overall quality of life is to learn how to improve your quality of life at work.

Have you ever thought about how much your work life affects your home life? For most people, work has a big effect on their overall happiness and well-being.

Here are a few things you can do to improve your quality of life while working.

1. Find Time for Separation

One key thing to do, especially when working from home, is to make sure you have some type of separation between your work and home life.

It’s OK to occasionally work long hours, but working from 9 AM to 9 PM every day will cause burnout.

If you bring your work home all the time, your quality of life is going to degrade quickly.

Set boundaries, and stick to them as much as possible.

2. Meet Deadlines; Don’t Procrastinate

Do your best to meet all deadlines and limit procrastination as much as possible.

Procrastination will only lead to additional stress, which will cause you to enjoy work less.

If you don’t meet deadlines, this could cause a negative feedback cycle that will result in weeks or months of unhappiness.

Keeping a schedule and turning things in on time is very important to have a good work-life balance.

3. Limit Unnecessary Conversation Topics

If you have coworkers who love to gossip, you might find it hard to avoid talking about random topics with them.

While it’s great to converse with your coworkers, be careful about gossiping about other works or about topics that could cause stress in the workplace.

Talking about unnecessary topics and irrelevant topics can serve to distract from more important matters.

Focus on work, limit gossip, and talk about neutral topics as much as possible.

4. Establish Goals

Finally, make sure you establish goals at work as well as in your home life.

Establishing both short- and long-term goals can be helpful for seeing your future at a job.

Additionally, these goals can serve as great meeting points when talking to your bosses from time to time.

By having goals in mind, you’ll always have something you are working towards, whether that is officially or not.

You Are a Badass: A Book To Increase Quality of Life


Taking control of your life is a huge step in making sure you live it in a way that makes you feel happy and fulfilled.

The book You Are a Badass is a great jumping-off point when it comes to learning how to increase quality of life goals.

What is holding you back, and what could you do to find your way around those obstacles?

This book focuses on empowering you to do just that.

By exploring the idea that there is a limitless amount of power in the world for you to harness, You Are a Badass explains the ways you can take control of your life.

Learn how to think about your life in a new way and make the choices that will help you live a happier, fuller life.

Every aspect of your life can be fulfilling if you let it, so what are you waiting for?

All About Blinkist

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When you want to learn more about different areas of life, you might think about reading more books.

Having the time, focus, and energy to learn from books, however, might not be as easy to do.

Blinkist is a fantastic tool for this exact situation.

Blinkist provides easy-to-digest outlines of popular books from fields such as health, psychology, business, and more.

Each Blink highlights the key points of a book, supporting evidence for each point, and a great summary you can apply to your own life in a flash.

Learning more about the skills you need to improve your life is often found in books.

Blinkist finds what you need to know most from those books and returns it to you in an easily digestible form.

Get More Out of Every Single Day

Do you have what it takes to increase quality of life experiences? Yes! You have everything you need to be able to live a happier life.

Sometimes, you simply have to take advantage of the tools that exist to make it easier than ever before to live better.

From using Blinkist to read books that will help you live a more fulfilling life to employing the other tips we talked about today, there are countless possibilities.

Don’t let yourself stay stuck in a difficult lifestyle forever. Make the changes necessary to get more out of your days.


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