What Are the 4 Types of Behavior? Human Behavior Explained

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Everyone has different ways of quickly and easily classifying those around them.

When you say things like, “Oh, it’s because he is an introvert,” you are using a specific personality type to help you predict other behaviors.

What are the 4 types of behavior seen in humans, and how can understanding different types of human behavior help you succeed?

Today, learn about the types of human behaviors to live a more fulfilling life.

In line with this, Blinkist, a reading platform, can be used to deepen this understanding as you begin to apply it to other parts of your life.

What Is Human Behavior?

Before we talk about the four different types of behavior, let’s look at human behavior in its most basic sense first.

What is human behavior? Human behavior is, at its core, an incredibly complex thing.

It covers why people do what they do, how they do them, and what they think about the things being done.

All of these things layer together in very intricate and tangled ways to create the overall ball that is human behavior.

Detangling that ball enough to analyze and understand it can be very difficult, but it is also very beneficial.

To understand human behavior means you can exist more wholly and peacefully in the world. But where should you begin?

A good place to start is to consider what the four primary personality types are in terms of human behavior.

What Are the 4 Types of Behavior?

What are the 4 types of behavior seen in humans? Throughout human history, people have asked themselves this question many times.

There are many different ways to classify types of behaviors and personalities.

People interact with the world in a few specific ways, including:

  • Personality-based (the way people act depends on their personality)
  • Interest-based (the way people act depends on how interested in a person, idea, or thing someone is)
  • Attitude-based (negative, positive, and other attitudes can affect the way someone behaves)
  • Emotion-based (many behavioral decisions are emotionally charged, even if the person acting does not realize it)

By analyzing personalities, interests, attitudes, and emotions, you can begin to get into the deeper meaning of how people behave.

Each of these types of classification has its merits.

Today, we’ll be focusing on a popular way of classifying the personalities of people.

A study showed that up to 90% of the population falls into one of the following behavior categories.

Which one do your actions likely align with?

1. Optimistic

Many people in the world, about 20%, are thought to be optimistic.

They are often favorites in a crowd because of their positive outlook on life, though others find their positivism to be frustrating at times.

Optimistic people try to remain hopeful for as long as possible, even when things are difficult.

In situations where you can assume someone is doing good or bad, optimistic people are more likely to try to see things in a positive light.

Of course, there are always going to be exceptions.

In exceptional times, optimistic people will be able to see the potential negatives and downfalls of a particular choice, solution, or situation.

2. Pessimistic

To balance out the optimists of the world, there are also people who tend to be more pessimistic.

Once again, about 20% of the world is thought to be primarily pessimistic in their personality type.

While they will see the potential positives in some situations, many instances will lead this type of personality to doubt the world around them.

They may assume the worst in others, fight battles before they’ve even begun, and otherwise have a more negative outlook on the world.

3. Trusting

The trusting personality type, which makes up another 20% of the world, bases much of their worldview on those around them.

Rather than rely on knowledge, what they’ve experienced, or their innate optimism, their beliefs come from their trust in others.

How and who trusting individuals choose to believe depends on the individual. And there will always be some situations where they decide not to trust someone.

4. Envious

The envious personality type is thought to be the most common in the world. What is this personality like?

This type does not trust people as much as a trusting individual would.

In fact, much of their drive in life comes from their desire to prove themselves to be more trustworthy than others.

There is a status-seeking aspect to this personality type.

facts about what are the 4 types of behavior

A Blend of Types

While each of these types can be prevalent in an individual, it is thought that people can cycle through these personalities throughout different experiences.

An individual who is usually trusting can become envious in certain situations.

In the same way, those who are optimistic may always be pessimistic about a specific subject.

It is natural for unique individuals to have unpredictable changes in this way.

Why Understanding Different Types of Human Behavior Matters

Why is it important to become familiar with different types of behaviors?

When you get to know different types of human behavior, personality types, and other aspects of the human condition, you can do many things more effectively.

In fact, every part of your life can change just by having a better understanding of people.

Here are a few examples of things you can improve by simply taking the time to learn more about others.

1. Make Better Decisions

Everyone has their own unique decision-making process, and everyone makes mistakes sometimes.

When you learn more about why people make the choices they make, you can start to see patterns of where people commonly fall off course.

Do these patterns also show up in your own life?

By studying how others make choices and behave, you can alter the way you do these things.

Avoiding mistakes by learning from the experience of others may seem like a pipe dream, but it is actually possible.

Basically, breaking down the way people make choices because of their behavior will help you make better decisions.

2. Understand Your Friends, Coworkers, and Family

Do you ever feel like you cannot understand why your friend is upset about something or how a family member remains calm under pressure?

Getting to know more about personalities and types of human behaviours allows you to get a deeper understanding of this.

If you are able to pick out certain things that these individuals do to end up in these situations, you can mirror those behaviors.

Behavior mirroring is a common phenomenon in society, and learning how to mirror can be a great tool for success.

3. Consider New Perspectives

By learning more about why people think the way they do, you will be better able to understand their perspectives.

It can be hard to imagine what someone else’s life is like if you do not understand how they behave.

An optimist, for example, would have a hard time understanding why a pessimist might say no to an invitation that sounds like fun.

However, after learning more about how that pessimist has experienced countless let-downs in similar situations, even an optimist might better understand their choice.

Coming to know new perspectives through understanding behavior is a great tool for individuals to learn.

4. Come up With Better Solutions

Finally, it is possible to improve your problem-solving skills by learning more about types of human behaviours.

Everyone in the world interacts with things differently.

When trying to solve a problem for a group, you need to think about more than just your own actions.

How would someone else react to this problem? How would someone else react to a proposed solution?

By thinking through what different human behavior types would do in a unique situation, you can begin to solve problems in a more complete and effective way.

Problem-solving skills take a long time to develop because you also have to study how people work to be successful.

Book Rec: Surrounded by Idiots by Thomas Erikson


The book Surrounded by Idiots by Thomas Erikson details the four personality types by color and gives great ideas about how to interact with each one.

While the four different types of behavior that we talked about earlier were focused around one type of personality trait, these are focused around others.

Working with other people is inevitable in most lines of work, so learning more about personality types can be a huge benefit.

While boiling personality down to a single category may seem like an oversimplification, this is something we all do every single day.

This book simply focuses on those simplifications in more effective ways so that you can become a better leader, friend, and communicator.

For example, when giving feedback to Red personality types, using specific techniques will help prevent conflict or displeasure between you and the other party.

If you weren’t perceptive about how that Red person was acting, however, you might accidentally cause bigger problems.

Becoming a better communicator is a great tool for finding success in life.

The book Surrounded by Idiots teaches you in a simple, straightforward way how to interact with every type of person in both business and life.

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Improve Your Interpretations

What are the types of human behaviors going to do to change your life?

On their own, understanding these different types of human behavior isn’t going to change much.

However, having a new way to interpret and predict the actions of others can have a great impact on your life.

By knowing that a certain type of person is likely to respond in a certain way to problems, you can create stronger teams, relationships, and communities.

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